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What We Do


Smart Day School

Smart Day School has been designed to provide your pet with a daily education and socialization that has never before been offered in the Cincinnati Area. Starting at 6am in the morning, your pet will be lead through 6 individual periods of learning much like that of a child in High School or a young adult in College. This proven process has benefits that far outweigh that of basic obedience. Most people just would like their dog to walk politely on a leash, come back when called and simply chill out when asked. We can provide all this and more at our Smart Day School Classes at SDS. Plus, the education doesn’t stop there. We also include multiple private lessons with our professional trainers to teach your family everything they would like to know. See you at school.

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Smart Boarding School

Welcome to the pinnacle of Dog Training. Smart Boarding School has perfected a process that will allow you to establish a unique and unforgettable bond with your dog that few ever get to experience. This process focuses on our 3 core concepts of training as well as our “freedom” approach that will enable you and your dog to finally be able to go anywhere you’d like…together!! We offer 3 different options available immediately. Smart Way Vacation - 1 Week with LIFETIME TRAINING Smart Way Camp - 2 Week with LIFETIME TRAINING Smart Way Rehab - 4 Week with LIFETIME TRAINING Not only will you receive LIFETIME TRAINING in the form of Private Lessons as well as Group Sessions but you will also receive $300 worth of tools for your dog absolutely FREE!!!



Randy Byrd

Professional Trainer and Founder of SMART Dog School. Randy believes that trainers from diverse backgrounds and educations can work together to provide the best training possible.

Shelby Vannarsdall

Certified Trainer and Vet Tech. Shelby focuses on training that allows people to enjoy their dogs at home as well as behavior rehabilitation for dogs that have been deemed “untrainable”.


SMART Dog School was founded on the idea that trainers from all backgrounds could team up to provide the best in dog training solutions for our clients.  All of our trainers are full time and certified professionals with over decades worth of experience.

So what do we do?  That’s simple….  We specialize in solutions.  Clients never enter our door because their dog won’t sit.  They need our help because their dog is:

  • Biting them or guests
  • Pulling them on walks
  • Barking incessantly 
  • Digging up the yard
  • Jumping on everyone
  • Guarding food & toys
  • Refusing to come back
  • Uncontrollably excited

Our trainers at SMART Dog School have a proven track record of providing practical solutions to all of these challenging unwanted behaviors

S.M.A.R.T. is our acronym that stands for See Mark And Reward Training.  This continually reminds us to recognize good behaviors instead of taking them for granted.  

“We control consequences to change the probability of future behavior.  Thats the SMART Way.”

SMART Dog School focuses on acquiring 3 training abilities which are achievable through 3 educational program formats.

Training: (Encompassing ALL obedience behaviors)

  1. Restraint (Ability to behave politely on leash)
  2. Recall (Ability to come when called every time)
  3. Relax (Ability to stay calm in all environments)

Programs: (Lifetime guarantee on ALL programs)

  1. Smart Day School Packages (Elementary – College Levels & Private Lessons)
  2. Smart Boarding School (Vacation-Camp-Rehab + LIFETIME TRAINING)
  3. Smart Tutor Lesson Packages (One on One Training)


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