FREE Consultation Call - (859) 638-9693

FREE Consultation - (859) 638-9693

S.M.A.R.T Dog School

Dog Trainers of Northwest Kentucky and Southwest Ohio

SMART Dog School was founded on the idea that trainers from all backgrounds could team up to provide the best in dog training solutions for our clients.  All of our trainers are full time and certified professionals with over decades worth of experience with dog behavioral issues such as disobedience and aggression.

So what do we do?  That’s simple….  We specialize in solutions.  Clients never enter our door because their dog won’t sit.  They need our help because their dog is: Biting them or guests, pulling them on walks, barking incessantly , digging up the yard, jumping on everyone, guarding food & toys, refusing to come back and uncontrollably excited.



About Us

S.M.A.R.T. is our acronym that stands for See Mark And Reward Training.  This continually reminds us to recognize good behaviors instead of taking them for granted. 

Our trainers at S.M.A.R.T Dog School have a proven track record of providing practical solutions to all of these challenging unwanted behaviors.



Meet The Team

“We control consequences to change the probability of future behavior.  That’s the SMART Way.”

Enroll In One of Our Courses

S.M.A.R.T. Dog Solutions (Private Lessons)

Here is your chance to work one on one with Randy and see immediate results. Dog training doesn’t have to take weeks, months or even years to establish real world solutions to very common unwanted behaviors. This four week program was designed for one purpose….To help people enjoy their dogs in every day life. If you can’t visit an outdoor cafe with your dog and enjoy your meal stress free then this program was designed for you. Let me show you how you can enjoy your dog anywhere you’d like to go. We will provide Real Solutions for: *Anxiety *Fear *Stress *Pulling *Jumping *Barking *Digging *Biting *Chewing *Door Dashing *Counter Surfing – 4 Weeks—Only $699 4 Weekly Lessons at any location of your choice, Free Equipment & 2 months of Group Lessons!—Guaranteed Results—Hundreds of References—Tested & Proven Program—Unlimited Lifetime Support!! Any questions feel free to call Randy at 859-638-9693

Smart Way UNLEASHED (14 Days Board & Train)

The professional team at Smart Dog School has prepared a progressive and affordable way for you to learn how to truly enjoy your dog. Allow me to introduce you to our Work Smart Program. This program will teach you and your dog how to enjoy every minute spent together by working Smarter rather than harder. Split into 3 tiers of Smart, Smarter & Smartest, our Work Smart Program will allow you and your pet to advance at your pace. Each tier will get you that much closer to your WSP Certificate along with a Customized SDS Shirt & Graduation Vest for your dog! So come join us and let us help you enjoy your dog every minute of every day! To enroll your pooch now just click the link below and follow the prompts. To speak with a trainer, feel free to give our Instructor a call at 859-638-9693. Hope to see you there. Group Classes $199 – 2 Months (8 Weeks). Each student will have the option to attend 2 classes each week with other students at their current level. Each tier will have 2 classes weekly. The schedule will be as follows: (Monday – Smart 6pm/Smartest 7:30 (Wednesday – Smarter 6pm/Smartest 7:30 (Thursday – Smart 4pm /Smarter 5:30pm)

Smart Way Reset (30 Day Board & Train)

Our 4 Week Boot Camp (Reset) Program is designed to provide a complete rehabilitation for your furry friend. This program will address issues from anxiety to aggression. Let the professionals at Smart Dog School “Reset” your Best Friend. Hundreds of References Available! 😎🐾 Included is your Training Book, Leadership Book, Training Collar (Prong), Custom SDS Place Board, and a Smart Dog School Remote Collar ($350 Value). Enrollment Fee – $3,500 (1/2 down 1/2 at graduation)


Our Smart Boarding was designed exclusively for SDS graduates ONLY. Your pooch will be reintroduced to our custom training cycle for quick refresher course while your away. Our client dogs will be boarded at our trainers homes and enjoy the exact same treatment that our “Demo Dogs” enjoy on a daily basis. Any questions feel free to call Randy at 859-638-9693.


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