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Our Fix Your Dog in 30 Days Program Has Been Real-World Tested on Hundreds of Dogs.  Watch the Video Below About WHY its so Unique. Then Check Out the Individual Versions Below Followed by More Info about Who We Are and HOW We Can Best Help You and Your Furry Friend.

Here are the Program Details

FYD30 Boarding School

Program Cost – $2950

Family Discounts for 2nd or 3rd Dog in the Same Household Are Available.

Payment Plans Available

Our Boarding School is likely Cincinnati & Northern KY’s most exclusive Dog Training Program!  Your dog will live with our professional staff and their unbelievable pack of well trained dogs.

Our customized training protocol consists of our Triple R Training Approach that will create the “Perfect Dog.” 

  • Recall (Come when Called EVERY TIME)
  • Restraint (Polite leash manners EVERYWHERE)
  • Relax (Down/Stay around EVERY DISTRACTION)

During the day your dog will learn in multiple environments.  They will enjoy walks, hikes, and other excursions. Your dog will be treated like family and trained in the same way.  

Issues with random guests stopping by for a visit?  

No Problem!

Issues with your dog getting in the trash or doorbell manners?

We’ve got you covered!

Dog Aggression?

We’ve got the cure! 

Any other problem that you can think of can be addressed during Boarding School.

There is no other dog training program offering such an intense and complete experience for you and your furry companion.

Following the 15 days of our exclusive training camp, you will do 3 customized private lessons to help walk you through the entire process that your dog just experienced.  This will allow a smooth transition back home from your dog. Additionally, you and your entire family will be shown how to manage and maintain your dogs training. Finally you will get lifetime access to our weekly group training lessons.

To insure that you have the absolute best of the best equipment and tools for training, we will also be providing our S.M.A.R.T. Dog School Tool Bag.  This includes over $400 worth of training equipment.

Provided, at no additional cost will be our extensive Home Study Video Course complete with our entire Training Blueprint used by S.M.A.R.T. Dog School Professional Trainers.

Our training organization is heavily focused on transparency. You will receive regular updates by video of your dogs entire training progression. At enrollment, you will be encouraged to join our community of graduates on our Private Facebook Group called S.M.A.R.T. Dog School LIVE. This exclusive social group contains invaluable information from pet parents just like you.

As we only allow up to two dogs to be partnered with our individual trainers, spacing is VERY limited. Click the link below to Enroll your dog Now in Boarding School or Text Randy at 859-638-9693 to schedule a free Consultation Call to determine if the Boarding School or one of our other programs is best for you and your dog.

FYD30 Private School

Program Cost – $1697

Family Discounts for 2nd or 3rd Dog in the Same Household Are Available.

Our FYD30 Private School is the ultimate for someone who is looking for amazing results like phenomenal on and off leash obedience, impeccable manners as well as calm and relaxed state of mind. Most of all these individuals want to be the ones doing the majority of the training themselves.

Our 30 day program will be divided into 3 phases of training. By utilizing a combination of both Private & Group Lessons your trainer will meet with you every other week during your FYD30 Program. These lessons will be scheduled strategically in order to obtain the fastest results. Most pet parents are amazed at the results they see within the first 2 weeks and we continue to build from there.

You’ll get UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Group Lessons. Some pet parents frequently attend. Others simply use the classes for touch ups from time to time when they need a little extra help. 

Access to our full online Home Study video course combined with our exclusive training Blueprint. This is a great supplement to make sure that you ALWAYS have the info you need at your fingertips. We encourage you to share your training with other graduates as well on our S.M.A.R.T. Dog School LIVE private FaceBook Group.

We also include our customized SDS training toolbox that includes everything you’ll need throughout your journey with your pooch. Over $400 worth of the best gear used daily by our Professional Trainers at S.M.A.R.T. Dog School.  

Training is done at our professional facility or at your home, local parks/stores/public places.

This Video Explains our Training Methods and Philosophy.

This Video Explains our Unique Way of Treating Aggression and Unwanted Behaviors. (Barking, Jumping etc

This group of trainers are the best in the area!!! They care for your dog like it’s their own and they do a wonderful job. George (Newfoundland) started going there when he was 10 weeks and now  he is a year old and ready to take his therapy test. Their willingness and love for dogs truly show at every lesson and George looks forward to going to class!!! I would highly recommend them to all my friends!!! Thank you team for everything you do for George..

As a first time dog owner, we needed all the help we could get to make sure our puppy was one that we could all love and enjoy. From the minute we walked into SMART Dog School, we knew we made the absolute best choice. Randy talked with us and knew what WE as a family needed to have a dog that was smart and playful, yet knew her limits.  Within minutes, he had Phoebe walking on a leash without pulling. He showed us what to do and we practiced. We attended classes on Saturdays, received tips on what we needed to do and they worked with our dog. Any time we had questions or concerns, the trainers at SMART Dog School had answers. And answers that we could understand and apply to our situation. Without a doubt, the best investment our family made was (1) getting a dog and (2) making her a SMART dog.

Smart Dog School has been the answer to my prayers. My puppy Lucy is such an alpha dog. She would not let me walk her on a leash, she would pull me down the street, bite at the leash, jump up on people when they came to visit and has some aggressive issues towards food. I called other dog trainers before I found SDS. They all said she needed a behavioral specialist and they could not help me. A coworker recommended SDS. I called  and set up an appointment. In just one visit, Randy had Lucy walking on a leash. She is now at camp for 7 days of training. I see her progress everyday and in 4 days she is able to walk successfully on and off leash, go in and out of her crate easily and stay in place. ALL THIS IN 4 DAYS Smart Dog School was the answer. These trainers are he best in the business.

Randy at SMART Dog School worked a miracle with our crazy out of control Standard Poodle/Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix puppy Nevada. She is a GIANT and so full of energy that she was a danger and a liability. She is so strong that even as a puppy she once dragged me out the door and down a flight of stairs where I landed on concrete. She was almost taken for shelter surrender that day. But as a compromise to immediate surrender, we decided to give training a try, but with the ultimatum in my mind that if she couldn’t be calmed down and controlled she would have to go for the sake of my kids’ & house guests’ safety. After the two weeks of on-site boarding and training, we received back a calmer, controllable and command responsive dog. SMART Dog School was a God-send and I highly recommend their program and trainers.

My dogs were fighting pretty bad. I sent them through boarding training programs and I saw a big difference. You have to stick with the training when they get home to be successful. I learned that the hard way, but I got back on track and I’m super happy!!  I’m glad we can go for walks now too without me being dragged.

Smart Dog School has been a blessing. I tried to do the right thing when I bought my terrier puppy by hiring a trainer that actually came to my home since she was too young to go to class, but she was out of control and too hyper for me to get in front of. She was starting to show small signs of aggression when I decided to give one more training attempt before we rehomed her.

Smart dog school Changed everything. They gave her an off button! They gave me resources and support after her stay with them. And they still help me routinely two years later with questions, assistance  and perusing the more fun side of training. Can’t recommend them enough.

Randy was EXTREMELY responsive to my initial request for information. He invited me out and my dog out to his facility just to check it out. I was sold the moment i walked through the door! He and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They truly love dogs and treated our dog like a cherished member of the family (which is what she is to us). They are very adept at taking a dog from unruly and undisciplined to calm and compliant. We did the 5 day program and were very happy with the results. What i like the most though is they stand behind their training 100%. Anytime we need to take our dog back for a tune-up or just want additional tips it is at no charge! While the service did seem a little pricey initially i can honestly say we got our money’s worth and then some!

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