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Servicing Southern Ohio & Northern Kentucky

All of our trainers are full time and certified professionals with over decades worth of experience with dog behavioral issues such as disobedience and aggression.

So what do we do?  That’s simple….  We specialize in solutions.  Clients never enter our door because their dog won’t sit.  They need our help because their dog is: Biting them or guests, pulling them on walks, barking incessantly , digging up the yard, jumping on everyone, guarding food & toys, refusing to come back and uncontrollably excited.

See Mark And Reward Training

S.M.A.R.T. is our acronym that stands for See Mark And Reward Training.  This continually reminds us to recognize good behaviors instead of taking them for granted. 

Our trainers at S.M.A.R.T Dog School have a proven track record of providing practical solutions to all of these challenging unwanted behaviors.

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(Social & Behavioral Focus)

2 – S.M.A.R.T. Way Camps!
(5 Day Overnight Excursions)

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Our trainers welcome ALL dogs of ALL breeds!!
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Professional Dog Training!

Our trainers at Smart Dog School are so multi faceted!! 

  • Conformation Handling/Training
  • Behavioral Rehabilitation
  • Competition Obedience
  • Impulse/Crate Control 
  • Pet Dog & Relaxation Training

and so much more!!!  Call/Text Anytime. 859-638-9693

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