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Hey Cincinnati & Northern Ky Dog Owners!

Congrats on taking the first step towards having a well trained dog!  So glad you’re here, let’s talk about your dog!

If you’re like most of our clients then I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of why you’re here.

You love your dog.  Your dog loves you. Your dog is like a member of your family…


You’re struggling with a few things.

Answering the door is rough, because your dog barks like crazy when the doorbell rings and you’ve got to shove him in the back bedroom.

Going for walks isn’t as enjoyable as you’d like.  Sometimes, it’s the big stuff like barking or lunging…or sometimes it’s just frustrating having a dog who pulls or gets distracted by every little thing.

Or maybe it’s when your dog isn’t on the leash.  You’d love to be able to be off leash down at the lake, but you can’t rely on your dog to stay with you, or ignore the other dogs and come when called.

And I know some of you get embarrassed when you try to go to the pet store or vet’s office because you don’t have the control you want.

These are the types of dog behaviors that our clients typically deal with when we first meet them.  

It’s hard.

It’s frustrating.

It’s embarrassing.


And, for most people, that solution can happen FAR quicker than they thought.

Believe it or not, outside of the most extreme cases, S.M.A.R.T. Dog School can deliver this solution in less than 30 Days!

I know.

That might sound like a huge promise.  And it is…

But we’re the only dog training school in the area that actually gives a Results Based Guarantee!


We’re so confident in our system, and have seen it work time and time again with dogs just like yours, that we actually guarantee our results for the life of your dog.

Here’s how it works.

Our program Fix Your Dog in 30 Days is so unique that every dog we work with is going to have a great level of training in the following areas:

1- On Leash Manners(Enjoying a nice walk with your dog on leash in public without them lunging, pulling, growling and barking.) 

2- Off Leash Obedience (Enjoying Hiking, Camping and Parks with your dog while enjoying full freedom)

3- House Manners (Enjoying an evening with guests and your dog while they relax instead of barking, biting, pawing, begging or jumping on them.)

4- State of Mind (Enjoying social time with your dog in public around other dogs & people without Anxiety or Aggression.)

So….let me be blunt and ask you…

Does this describe you?

Are you a dog owner looking to accomplish at least many of these things?


Then what I want to invite you to do is enter your information below and schedule with me a Completely FREE NO COST Consultation so that I can share with your our unique programs and prices. 

Follow the link below. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 




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